Med et serienummer  128818 skal vi tilbage til 1953.

Steve Kovacik fra New york er en højt respekteret guitarbygger og autoriseret Martin repairman

Da han overtog denne 000-28 var den egentlig i god stand, bortset fra dækket som var blevet dårligt behandlet igennem tiderne.

Guitaren blev retopped med en OM-45  Adirondack top og opgraderet til en prewar 000-42 med Golden Era specs.

Alt andet er i original stand.

Træet til dækket kom i øvrigt fra Mike longworths private trælager som er en hel anden historie.

Efter en tur hos Severin for en finjustering, og selvfølgelig en Carlos Juan pickup

er den klar til 60 år mere. 

1953 000-28 style 42 conversion by Kovacik Guitars

This guitar started life as a '53 Martin 000-28. By the time that it arrived in my shop in 2008 it had been the victim of several indignities including a huge oversize bridge and a complete (amatuer) refinish. I took the guitar in because I have a soft spot for 000-28s and this one has really beautiful brazilian rosewood. Since the top had been sanded thin during the refin and so much additional damage had been done during several bridge removals and reglues the original top was simply no longer viable. So what's been done (here in my shop) is a factory quality top replacement and style 42 upgrade. The entire refin was removed and a new finish shot by Dale Bartholomew (a now-retired former Martin finishing department employee). The replacement top is a Martin factory adirondack red spruce top from production of the OM-45GE. The top is braced with 1/4" scalloped red spruce bracing in the pre-war 'forward shifted' location. The top is dressed with style 42 abalone purfling. The original neck is intact with a new finish and the original dot fretboard inlays have been removed, filled and old style 42 fretboard inlays installed. All of the original components of the guitar (neck, fretboard, back, sides, back bracing, bridge, pickguard and tuners) are in excellent condition and show no wear and there are no cracks in the rosewood (repaired or otherwise). The original top binding was used when rebinding the top. The original bridge and pickguard were also used in finishing the guitar. The result is a guitar that is more like a pre-war 000-42 than a post war 000-28. The action is set medium-low and is comfortable for both fingerstyle and pick style play and there is plenty of saddle showing. The red spruce top gives the guitar great power and presence and super responsiveness to a light touch. The bass is loud and strong, the midrange sweet and the trebles clear and cutting. Flat picks well without losing tonal definition or clarity. The guitar comes in it's original 50s hardshell case, which is in excellent condition